Conservative Ousts Loudoun County School Board Member

In the first school board election since the Loudoun County School Board made national news regarding critical race theory and its attempted rape cover-up, conservative candidate Tiffany Polifko unseated the liberal incumbent.

Polifko became the projected winner against incumbent Andrew Hoyler on Monday evening after outstanding ballots were counted.

Last week, Polifko also led Democrat Nick Gothard by 135 votes — who came in second and has conceded — in a tight three-way race.

Polfiko ran on a pro-parent platform, while Gothard was supportive of many of the school board’s recent controversial measures that cut parents out of the process.

“I’m the only mother running for school board in the Broad Run District, and the only candidate who has made parents’ rights a pillar of my platform,” she said in an August Twitter post.

While the Loudoun County School Board remains in left-wing control, Polifko will be able to give parents an inside look at what the board is considering and raise concern in light of potential impropriety.

The school board is currently under a grand jury investigation, instigated by Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R), regarding the rape coverup that made national news.

While the board sued in an attempt to shut down the investigation after initially promising to comply with the inquiry, a judge denied the request.

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