Cultural war rages in US elementary schools: ‘My children should not feel guilty because they are white’

Elicia Brand is the mother of three. She is being checked for weapons before security people lock her in for tonight’s school board meeting.

– Parents like me are angry. The school is trying to indoctrinate our children. The whole thing is so “woke”. The school stuffs race and gender identity into the entire teaching. And it must stop, she says.

We’re in Virginia in Loudon County – an area that has becomeepicenter of a showdown that is spreading in the United States. Here, school board meetings have ended in chaos and as top stories in national news broadcasts, especially at the conservative television station Fox News.

School boards have felt threatened. Parents have been arrested during meetings. Fights andthreats have become part of a heated debate.

See an example of a chaotic school board meeting in Loundon:


Critical race theory

It’s a showdown with many prisoners, but at the center of the anger is the concept of “critical race theory”.

It is a concept that is used in university studies, and which broadly sees racism as a systemic part of society, where everything from laws to access to education and loans is conceived and designed for the benefit of the white race. The concept has become politicalfuel in a culture war that is spreading.

Over 20 states in the United States have either banned or are considering banning orlimit the use of critical race theory in teaching.

– They teach my children to feel guilty because they are white. And they teach black children that they are victims. No children should feel guilty or made victims because of their skin color, says Elicia Brand, who believes that schools should teach history without inflicting guilt on students.

Elicia Brand explains her attitude towards slavery:


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