The Biggest Bully in School: Why Public Education Is Failing in America

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What do you know about teachers unions? If you think they support educators by negotiating better wages and working conditions, you may be shocked and disturbed to find out that today’s teachers unions are well-funded, highly politicized organizations that are hurting—not helping—the public education system in America and keeping even the worst teachers protected. PragerU’s short documentary investigates how these once well-intentioned teachers unions have become the biggest bully in school.

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Brave educators, parents, and experts in the field share their personal experiences and expertise in “The Biggest Bully in School,” including:

Kali Fontanilla, former high school teacher and founder of Exodus Institute

Charlyce Bozzello, Communications Director at the Center for Union Facts

John Schilling, founder of 2020 Strategies, LLC and president of the American Federation for Children

Jenna Hamilton, parent and founding member of Open Fairfax County Schools

Glenn Laird, teacher suing the United Teachers of Los Angeles for wrongfully collecting dues

Nicole Solas, parent sued by the National Education Association of Rhode Island after requesting more information about the school’s curriculum

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